Cryptocurrency aficionados will know the CCEDK exchange platform as they were the very first Danish exchange platform of its kind. However, it looks like the platform will be closing down soon as part of a major upgrade. As of July 1, 2016, CCEDK will re-launch as a portal for OpenLedger and an investment knowledge hub.

CCEDK Rebrand Focuses On Openledger and Education

It is pertinent for any business active in the financial sector to stay ahead of the curve, which also means business plans may have to be revised over time. For Danish cryptocurrency CCEDK, that change comes in the form of shutting down the trading engine in the next few days. Customers will still be able to withdraw outstanding balances throughout all of June, or request manual withdrawals after that cut-off date.

The focus will shift to OpenLedger, a decentralised exchange platform running on the Bitshares protocol. Changing the exchange model into a service centre and fiat gateway for Openledger is a significant move for cryptocurrency users all over the world. Additionally, the trading volume between both platforms will be consolidated, and CCEDK will become the starting point for enterprises and startups looking to raise funds.

Speaking of focusing more on enterprise, the soon-to-relaunch CCEDK platform will emphasise on crowdfunding and support blockchain-based companies. Additionally, new services will be brought to the table, including escrow services, marketing, and issuance of assets.

CEO Ronny Boesing told the media:

‘We plan to use our expertise to facilitate new businesses raising money and getting up and running, as well as being the fiat gateway for OpenLedger, which similarly allows us to offer vital knowledge and feedback, enabling developers to serve end users better.’

But that is not all, as the CCEDK of the future will offer ICO packages to businesses looking to raise funds through cryptocurrency or fiat. This move will help generate additional revenue for OpenLedger, and tiered packages include different types of advertising, blogging support, and the creation of custom tokens.

The Obits Bloggers’ Club 500 will play a significant role in these advertising efforts as well, combined with BitTeaser ads. Moreover, the plan is to use part of these advertising revenues and let them flow into OBITS and BitTeaser while a different portion of funds will be issued to holders of the ICOO asset.

ICOO, a new asset which launches on May 20th, is designed to invest in future ICOs and create proxy tokens, letting users trade these new assets on OpenLedger before the official launch. A share of these ICOO assets is reserved for OBITS. Last but not least, ICOO funds will be distributed among several projects, including the DGX gold asset and the Cadastral land contract asset.

On the education front, the new CCEDK will be an investment knowledge hub for the Decentralised Conglomerate, which includes OBITS, BitTeaser, OpenLedger, and a variety of other blockchain-based projects. The future direction of investing and crowdfunding revolves around cryptocurrency, and Ronny Boesing is one of the first CEO’s to make a significant move in that direction.

Header image courtesy of CCEDK


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