Delta Exchange is a online platform for traders to trade in futures and options in cryptocurrencies. While there are many platforms to trade and transact in Bitcoin, this is one of the firsts to let traders transact in crypto futures and derivatives.

Delta Exchange also provides users with the option of trading with leverage. Delta exchange is a completely secure platform that lets you trade with upto 100x leverage.

Main Features of Delta Exchange

Moving straight into the topic, like every side of a coin Delta Exchange also does have it pros and cons. But first let’s highlight the main features on Delta Exchange and what makes it attracting to trade on this platform.

  1. Leveraged Products – The bitcoin and altcoin futures on this platform allow a 100x leverage, enabling traders to do more with less.
  2. Reliable Liquidity – There is liquidity available 24/7/365 days. With high volumes, it is seldom a trader will face issues with liquidity.
  3. Safe and Security – One of the major problems traders face is lack of security on online bitcoin platforms with the increase in hacks and robberies. Delta Exchange has strong risk management and multi factor security for digital assets.
  4. Advanced API’s – Delta Exchange provides lighting fast REST APIs for programmatic trading and web socket feed for real time market data.

Now that we have covered the features, let’s talk about the pros and cons of Delta Exchange.


  1. 1. High Leverage – 100x
  2. Liquidity
  3. All types of orders are accepted (Limit, Market & Stop Market/Limit)
  4. Safe and Secure
  5. Great support system


  1. Margin trading involves high level of risk
  2. Only BTC can be deposited in the wallet

How to Trade On Delta Exchange

The steps to start your trading journey on Delta Exchange are extremely easy with no hassle or paperwork. The entire process is online and automated. The following points below will help you to start with the basics of setting up an account along with deposits and withdrawals.

Create Account / Sign Up

Open the website home page. On the top right handle bar there will be an option Register/Sign up. For new users, click onto register and a window will pop up. This asks for details such as Name, Email Id, Password and Referral Code (To know more about referral code, click here) in case you have one. That’s it, once you have filled in all the details, your account has been created. It’s that simple!

Navigation On Website

Delta Exchange has an extremely easy, user friendly website that speaks for itself. With no technical jargon used, most of the terms and windows can be understood by a newbie too. While you are on the delta exchange home page, it is a scroll down page mainly giving a user the gist about the website. It has a few FAQ’s, a link to the referral program and so on.

On the home page, to the complete right of the top handlebar is the option to ‘Live Trade’ which on clicking will lead you to the trading terminal for crypto derivatives.

Navigation On Trading Terminal

Trading Terminal screen has all the information necessary a delta exchange trader would need. Right from the bid and asks, to margin requirement, and even your order history, this screen is your go to place.

The left side of the screen has the technical charts, while the middle portion shows order book of the different bids and asks available at that time. To the complete right is where you can place your order.

Placing an order

Now let’s move onto placing an order. Placing an order is just like placing an order on any other trading platform. There are all the types of order you want to place, limit, market, stop market that you need to choose from. It is then followed by quantity, price and leverage.

Trading Options Available On Delta Exchange
Delta exchange currently offers futures on 4 major cryptocurrencies namely, BTC, ETH, XRP & XLM.

BTC USD Futures: Quoted in USD and settled in BTC
ETH USD Futures: Quoted in USD and settled in ETH
XRP USD Futures: Quoted in USD and settled in XRP
XLM BTC Futures: Quoted in BTC and settled in BTC

How to make a Deposit/Withdrawal

Once the account has been made and all formalities have been completed, you would be given access to a wallet. In the wallet you can only deposit BTC. Fiat currency is not allowed at the moment. In regards to deposits and withdrawals, there are no charges in the case of deposits. BTC can be deposited in your wallet free of charge.

Withdrawals are charged on Delta Exchange with a minimum withdrawal of .001 BTC and a maximum of 2 BTC a day and the withdrawal fee depends upon state of Bitcoin Network.

Withdrawals are processed with manual review once every 24 hrs, between 12pm – 3pm UTC. Any withdrawal request received after 11am UTC will be processed the next day. Large withdrawals may require further KYC.

This is almost everything you need to know to start trading on Delta Exchange. It is however advisable to have a fair bit of knowledge about futures trading and cryptocurrency. A trader transacting on Delta Exchange should also know how to read technical charts to avoid losses and mishaps. If you are new to margin trading, then do checkout this guide explaining margin trading.

Important Links:

Delta Exchange Website
Telegram: Updates & Community


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