The world of finance is undergoing many different changes. Mastercard is working on improving real-time disbursements of funds to debit cards. This is achieved through the Mastercard Send feature. Florida Capital bank is the latest service provider to incorporate this new technology.

A partnership between Mastercard and Florida Capital Bank will benefit consumers. Especially corporate partners will have a new competitive tool to play around with Being able to send payments to cardholders within minutes is a vast improvement. Instant push to card payments ensures customers get their funds without added friction.

Mastercard Send Gains More Traction

Mastercard gives Florida Capital Bank’s corporate partners the option to introduce seamless disbursements. Faster payments have become the new normal in the financial sector. Banks need to accommodate these features in as many ways as possible. Any company dealing with a large volume of disbursements will see a big change when using Mastercard Send.

Mastercard EVP Digital Payments and Labs Jess Turner adds the following:

“We are excited to work with Florida Capital Bank and address a real need that exists in today’s digital payments world. With Mastercard Send we are modernizing the way money is received and enabling banks to deliver a superior user experience to both their consumer and corporate customers.”

It is a big step forward for the financial industry as a whole. Instant payments are in high demand across all services and products. Payment cards are no exception in this regard. Mastercard also offers a convenient API for developers to hook into. It is an all-encompassing service which can empower banking clients,


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