With the internet on a steady path of evolution, cloud-based computer services have not just established themselves as the Go-To medium for present but are destined to be the preferred service providers for the future as well. However, with the promise of a promising future comes the stark realities of the present.

The prevalent cloud-based market is dominated by a few large organizations such as AWS, Azure and Google Cloud. The ‘Price War’ amongst these large players is rampant, all in-order to attract new clients and retain the existing ones. But the tag of ‘price war’ is a misnomer as it is played by the few large organizations such as Azure, AWS and Google Cloud only to create a mere illusion. With the competition reduced to a mere few large players, the price of the services is bound to surge upwards as the monopoly would inevitably lead to a dangerous centralization of power.

Unchainet is set to change this for the better. With offers pertaining to heterogeneous cloud computing, Unchainet aims to create a platform where individuals, hosting providers and companies with underutilized data centres can all connect to a broader audience in minutes at the fraction of the conventional cost.

Unchainet- Unparalleled features over existing cloud-based service providers

With an array of features that cater to every conceivable requirement of the cloud-based computing services, Unchainet is a one-of-its-kind ecosystem as can be seen from the details listed below:

  • Blockchain technology for complete security, reliability and efficiency with higher transaction speed & capacity thus reducing overall cost in the process.
  • QoS Chain technology for transparent monitoring of the quality and trustworthiness of every node in the network thereby providing automated quality control to providers.
  • Proof of Beneficial Work (PoBW) consensus algorithm based on the Byzantine fault tolerance (BFT) algorithm.
  • Internal cryptocurrency UNET to facilitate transactions within the platform. This ensures faster transaction times with complete security and transparency.
  • Cryptocurrency payments that facilitates faster transaction speed, increased transaction capacity, decreased energy cost and decentralization.
  • Provides modular blockchain as a service thereby enabling clients, start-ups and new projects to base their blockchain application on the Unchainet blockchain platform with the flexibility to use their own storage mechanism, programming language and consensus algorithm.
  • Desktop and mobile wallet to receive or send UNET tokens peer-to-peer.
  • Service Accounts that can be used to purchase computational resources of Unchainet.
  • Computing resource credit (CRC) to shield clients from cryptocurrency market volatility and also enable start-ups and blockchain projects to use this as a non-transferable credit to run on the Unchainet platform.

The Unchainet Platform

The key participants for whom the Unchainet platform would be a boon are the Providers, Clients and the Developers.

Unchainet platform for Providers– The entire blockchain can be installed on their respective hardware. Bare-metal installation is recommended though the platform can be installed on virtual machines too.

Unchainet for Clients– Access provided to the Unchainet web console and CLI with simplified UI for launching new instances. Clients would be able to use Unchainet’s primary use-case post launch such as AI training, Video rendering, and special web services workloads at a much better pricing than the existing providers such as Azure, AWS, and Google Cloud. 3 types of instance availabilities are provided: ‘Eventual Availability’, ‘Guaranteed Availability’, and ‘Long-term Booking’.

Unchainet for Developers– The platform is being designed to provide basic resource allocation capabilities Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and Platform as a Service (PaaS) levels in the first phase of development. In the second phase, added services such as Serverless Computing, Databases as a service and the important Unchainet Blockchain service have been planned.

UNET Token Issuance & Distribution

  • 134,000,000 UNET tokens of a total of 200,000,000 tokens are being distributed through the Simple Agreement for Future Tokens (SAFT) sale. 67% of the total Ethereum based ERC20 tokens are being offered in sale.
  • 13% of the remaining tokens are set aside for Team & Advisors.
  • 10% for Partners and Provider incentives.
  • And the last of the 10% for Liquidity Reserve.

As can be seen, Unchainet with its stunning features and a vision for the cloud-based resource sharing services of the future is virtually miles ahead of the contemporary few such as AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud. Offering services at a fraction of the cost of the current providers, Unchainet is a company worth considering investing in as it is set to be a global leader in the cloud-based computing services of the future.




Media Contact:

Name: Joey Jones

Company: https://www.unchainet.com/

Phone: 1-512-800-0645

Email: joey@unchainet.com


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