Numerica Credit Union Integrates Alexa Voice Banking

Fintechist Numerica Credit Union Alexa

Alexa is quite an intriguing piece of voice communication technology. For many households, it has become the go-to voice assistant for daily activities. In the banking sector, Alexa integration is also a rather promising trend. Numerica Credit Union has begun the rollout of their voice banking skill to customers. A very positive other banks will likely follow this lead by example.

Numerica Credit Union is a relatively big bank in Washington and Idaho. With just under 137,000 clients, the company has made a meaningful impact. With the help of the Best Innovation Group, their customers can now benefit from Amazon Alexa voice banking. This solution has been built by BIG to allow credit union members to perform transaction-based functions.

Numerica Credit Union and Voice Banking

Clients of Numerica Credit Union are able to transfer money between accounts through Alexa. They can also make loan payments, and access balances for checking and savings accounts, as well as loans. All of this can be done through simple and straightforward voice commands. It is another step toward making bank staffers completely obsolete sooner or later.

BIG CEO and Co-Founder John Best comments:

“The one-on-one member relationship has long been a key credit union difference. As credit unions evolve to provide the technology solutions members value and expect, it becomes more challenging to retain that personal touch. FIVE was built with the goal of preserving that unique relationship. From the beginning of our project, we knew that the experience was important. We put a lot of effort into learning what members want to accomplish and how they speak about these activities. The objective is to optimize the member experience and enable credit unions to expand their unique branding across voice interactions.”

This new technological development is a big step forward for Numerica Credit Union. With Amazon Alexa becoming more commonplace among US households, it is only normal financial service providers need to keep tabs on these developments. Making banking easier for customers is always a top priority for this particular financial institution. It is quite interesting to see how voice technology and banking come together in a positive way.

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