Paysafe is a company best-known for their prepaid payment cards. The company is also looking into different markets. One of their new ventures specifically targets SMEs and their need for express funding. Known as Paysafe Accelerated Funding, will offer same or next day settlement options for SMEs in the United States.

It is always interesting to see service providers target SMEs. Running a small and medium-sized business is a very risky undertaking. There is always a shortage of money for a wide variety of reasons. Finding quick and easy funding solutions has proven to be a challenge in virtually every country. In the US, that solution will be resolved by the Paysafe Accelerated Funding program.

Express Funding Comes to American SMEs

The new venture, created by leading global payments provider Paysafe, will bring much-needed funding solutions to market. Same or next day settlement options are of great interest to US-based SMEs. Considering how small businesses represent 99.9% of the US’s business economy, they will need every type of help they can get. Express funding can be a lifesaver for some SMEs on the verge of going out of business. .

Paysafe’s Todd Linden adds the following:

“Today’s business owners rely on their sales to help pay for their expenses and keep the lights on. Unfortunately, this reliance can make it difficult when it typically takes one to two business days to receive the money generated by sales. “By leveraging the power of same-day funding technology, SMBs will be able to integrate seamless cash flow solutions into their day-to-day operations to disburse funds as required and focus on improving their everyday efficiency and profitability.”

It is rather interesting to note how this express SME funding market is rather unsaturated. Very few service providers try their hand at this model, despite the opportunities in front of them. The Paysafe Accelerated Funding venture will go live very soon. Clients will gain access to receive funds through a linked debit card on a 24/7 basis. It is a very interesting project which can give the business economy a much-needed financial boost.


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