In the world of finance, security should always be the top priority. Various service providers acknowledge the demand for new solutions. The rise of biometrics has become rather apparent, albeit that industry is also prone to evolution. Fingerprints are still popular, but a new strategy is in order for Precise Biometrics.

It is quite interesting to see how the security side of financial transactions continues to evolve. The days of passwords and PIN codes are almost behind us. These days, the focus shifts to completely different solutions such as biometrics. Price Biometrics, for example, is paying a lot of attention to this new method of authentication.

A Bold Strategy by Precise Biometrics

For this particular company, convenience and security and not mutually exclusive. While fingerprint scans are only now gaining traction, the company is looking well beyond this option. Iris and facial scans, as well as behavioral analysis and geo data caching are just some of the options which might be explored moving forward.

Precise Biometrics CEO Stefan K. Persson adds:

”We are confident in the current biometric technology which enables us to take the next step of our development. Looking at the market and how the technology is developed, I see opportunities to expand our current business to new areas of use. Biometric systems with fingerprints, face, voice, behaviour and iris enables a digital identity that makes it more convenient and secure in the daily life.”

Thanks to strong partnerships the firm is venturing into different solutions. Uniting various biometrical modalities will be the current emphasis. It is also important for the company to expand beyond the current scope of finance. A venture into gaming, medical, and security are all on the agenda. For now, the company will shift its attention to the Nordic market prior to tackling the rest of the world.


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