Sage Partners Stripe to Enhance Digital Invoicing Capacity

Fintechist Sage Stripe Partnership

The way we think about invoicing is changing gradually. As of right now, the main focus lies on the digital aspect. As such, companies have to adhere to this new trend in quick succession. For Sage, a partnership with Stripe seems to be the right course of action.

Most people are familiar with Stripe as a company. It offers a lot of invoicing and payment accepting methods to businesses small and large. Their track record is well-documented, and they also accept Bitcoin as a payment option. It is only normal other companies take note of what Stripe is doing in all of these industries.

A Big Partnership for Sage and Stripe

Sage, the market leader in cloud business management solutions, is partnering with this company. The goal is to bring digital invoicing capabilities to more smaller companies. UK businesses struggle with concepts such as late payments and physical invoices. We live in a digital era, and companies need to adhere to this new paradigm

Stripe’s UK and Ireland Country Manager Iain McDougall comments:

“Sinking resources into needlessly laborious tasks isn’t a good use of time for any business. Stripe develops tools and features that make running and growing an internet business easier. We’re excited to work with Sage to improve payments experiences and simplify payment reconciliation for their customers, all the while reducing pay out times for many suppliers.”

Enhancing the overall user experience is a top priority for Sage. Customers can activate payment and invoice services in under five minutes.  It also becomes possible to accept payments over the phone and online. Plus, creating invoices on the go through the Sage mobile app is also something to look forward to.

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