Processing card payments remains a tricky and expensive business for SMBs. SumUp offers a very competitive package in this regard. Their new standalone 3G card reader will undoubtedly get a lot of small business owners excited. The standalone unit does not even require the use of a mobile application.

Merchants often need a fair few tools to properly process card transactions. A viable software client combined with the necessary hardware makes for a very expensive package. Add the transaction fees on top of that, and the option becomes a lot less appealing. SumUp is trying to buck the trend by offering competitive packages.

SumUp taps the 3G Mobile Market

Its latest development comes in the form of a standalone 3G card reader. That may not sound overly exciting, even though the project has a lot of merit. It allows users to process card payments without using a companion app. Instead, the device has an integrated free data card and a pay-as-you-go pricing model.

SumUp CEO Daniel Klein adds:

“We’re here to empower the world to accept card payments, no matter how small, unique, or mobile your business is. It’s crucial to us that we allow any merchant access to affordable and easy-to-use payment devices. This new generation of card terminal is yet another step on our mission to becoming the world’s first globally accepted payment provider. We can’t wait for our new reader to hit the market and enable our merchants across Europe to accept payments with one hand within seconds.”

The new card reader supports debit and credit cards. Additionally, it can process Google and Apple Pay transactions as well. All of these transactions are subject to a 1.69% fee, which is rather competitive. The SumUp 3G Reader can be purchased for 69 GBP, albeit its retail price is set at 99 GBP.


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