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What makes casino games so exciting is the random outcome of every wager placed. Dragon’s Tale casino is known for their large list of luck-based games, all of which have an unpredictable outcome. One of these particularly interesting games is called Silly Monkey, which is both completely random and very addictive at the same time.

Although the name Silly Monkey may sound distracting, the game is anything but silly. In fact, it is quite challenging, as players will have to bring their A-game if they want to score a favorable outcome. The objective is very straightforward: guess which fruit the monkey will land on. A successful guess will result in a high payout.

But there is much more to this game than just the guessing part. Every fruit has its separate title, which comes with its unique odds. Some of these tiles will contain a jackpot prize, which is the most favorable outcome of all. A jackpot tile works as follows: place any bet on it, and if the monkey lands on it, the player will receive a payout multiplied by the bets place there. For example, a jackpot tile with 3:1 odds with a 1.5 BTC bet will yield the player 4.5 Bitcoin.

Players also need to be aware of the so-called community tiles, which are mixed in with the others. Placing a bet on such a tile is impossible, but they have a special benefit. If the monkey were to land in this exact spot, the player would receive that tile’s odds for all other bets placed. A great way to score additional winnings, and another factor that makes Dragon’s Tale such a unique casino.

No casino game would be complete without a house edge, though. Dragon’s Tale does things slightly different from most other gambling platforms. During the Silly Monkey game, there are pits all over the playing field if the monkey were to land in such a pit; all of the bets are automatically lost; and the house wins:

It is evident for everyone to see Silly Monkey is an excellent opportunity to score big wins. Playing with small amounts of Bitcoin can quickly lead to playing with full Bitcoins. Although the outcome of this game is entirely random, it has a far bigger appeal than any other Bitcoin casino game in existence today. Head on over to the Dragon’s Tale casino and check it out!


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