It has become quite difficult for banks to cater to customers these days. Finding new revenue models and introducing additional services is the only viable course of action. In the case of Umpqua Bank, their new service is a bit unusual. Referred to as the Tinder for bankers, it is a mobile app which lets users select their personal banker.

In a way, it makes perfect sense for Umpqua Bank to introduce such a service. Customization plays an increasing role of importance in the financial sector. Although users usually do not choose their own bankers, that situation is coming to change soon. Umpqua Bank has a unique feature through its recent mobile app. It is effectively a Tinder for bankers, although that reference may scare off a lot of consumers.

Tinder for Bankers is Coming

Because of this service, customers of the bank can browse profiles of bankers. This allows them to find someone who will be the best match for their personal needs. Users also gain insights into these bankers’ expertise, location, and professional background. A direct communication feature is built in the app as well. This makes it easier to explore opportunities and receive expertise when needed.

Umpqua Bank CEO and President Cort O’Hover adds:

“Our approach is grounded in a core belief that human interaction matters in banking—especially in the moments when life and money meet. Instead of using technology to create distance between our associates and customers, our Go-To platform leverages technology to create a more meaningful customer experience that helps people make smart financial decisions.”

The new Go-To application will begin rolling out in the near future. A full-scale release is expected to be completed in the near future. Earlier this year, the bank conducted three successful trials. That feedback was overwhelmingly positive, which warrants the full release of the application accordingly.  A peculiar development which may trigger a global precedent for other banks to follow.


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