M-Pesa has become a major player in the world of mobile payments. The company is always looking to further solidify its position on the market. Western Union proves to be a valuable ally, courtesy of its partnership with Safaricom. Over 28 million M-Pesa users can send outbound money transfers moving forward.

It is evident mobile payment solutions are bigger than their domestic markets. In this day and age, global financial solutions are more important than ever before. Western Union is prepared to tap into this new industry despite the potential risks. More specifically, the remittance giant partners Safaricom in Kenya to enhance the M-Pesa appeal all around the world.

Western Union is a Valuable M-Pesa Partner

M-Pesa is a very powerful mobile payment solution in Kenya. It is operated by Safaricom to boost overall financial inclusion. The service currently provides access to 28 million users. With the help of Western Union, all clients will be able to send outbound money transfers overseas.  Payments can be sent to over 200 countries and territories, which is rather impressive.

Safaricom CFSO Sitoyo Lopokoiyit adds:

“M-Pesa Global reflects the evolution of customer needs in Kenya and Safaricom’s ability to anticipate and meet these needs – from facilitating inbound money transfers, domestic transfers across wallets, to now offering outbound, cross-border money transfers via Western Union.”

This new service further enhances the potential of Safaricom’s mobile wallet solution. Receiving payments from all over the world has become a lot more straightforward over the years. It is now time to extend that functionality to include outgoing transfers as well. Scaling the business is the number one priority for Safaricom at this stage.


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