Wirecard is a very ambitious company. The global innovation leader for digital financial technologies envisions a major revenue target by 2025. The company aims to generate 10 billion Euro in revenue seven years from now. This is a rather lofty goal, albeit the company has noted major growth over the past few months.

There is a growing demand for digital financial solutions. A lot has changed over the past few years, yet further innovation is required. Wirecard will try to push the pace in this regard for the foreseeable future. By identifying key growth drivers, Wirecard can reach its projected goal by 2025. A revenue target of 10 billion Euro remains a steep hill to climb.

An Ambitious Goal by Wirecard

The entire world appears to be shifting toward digital transactions. This does not just pertain to e-commerce, but it also encompasses payments and mobile alike. These are the three key pillars which are expected to catapult Wirecard to a whole new level over the coming months and years.

For the time being, the company will focus on two core areas. First of all, there will be a strong correlation between online, mobile, and point-of-sale. This goal will be achieved through innovative technologies to enable omnichannel commerce through one platform. In the world of finance, an omnichannel approach seems to yield the best results to date.

Secondly, Wirecard will pay more attention to its Wirecard Digital Payment Ecosystem. This venture focuses on constant value chain development and innovative data-led value-added services. If successful, this approach will lead to a higher conversion rate for merchants. It can make Wirecard one of the more competitive service providers to explore for small and large retailers alike.


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